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An atmospheric 2D indie platform puzzle game

Vessel is a puzzle platform game about a man who's invented a way of making water into living creatures. A simple error locks him out of his laboratory, and you join him on his quest to deal with the consequences of his liquid creations.

Vessel is looks and feels like an indie game. It's cute, has effective but simple visuals, and while the gameplay is fun, it is resolutely old fashioned. 2D puzzle platformers are nothing new, and the water and liquid creatures in Vessel are basically there to create puzzles.

It's not a bad game, however. The puzzles are good, and always logical, and the simple graphics are atmospheric and effective. The sound effects are really nice, adding a lot to the game. Controls are simple, but the jumping could be better - sometimes getting onto pressure switches is tougher than it should be, for example.

Vessel is a fun platform puzzle game. It's definitely quirky, so if you're looking for a game that's pretty casual and different, Vessel is a good choice.


  • Good puzzles
  • Great atmosphere
  • Excellent sound


  • Awkward jumping


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